Fast, simple guarantor loans from £1,500 to £12,500

With the help of a friend or relative to guarantee your loan, we can help you get you the cash you need.

  • Low rates from 31.9%
  • Your guarantor can be a homeowner or renting
  • Loans of up to £12,500 available
  • Poor credit, CCJ's & Defaults always considered
  • Fixed rate interest - your payment will not change
  • No fees added to your loan

Guarantor Loans

Having trouble borrowing money on your own?  Want to improve your credit history?

A Guarantor loan could help.

Borrow up to £12,500, in your own name, by asking a relative or friend to guarantee that you'll repay it.

Apply online and, once you and your Guarantor are approved, on average you'll have the money within 3 days.

Low Rates

Low rates from 31.9%

Rates from 31.9% where the guarantor is a homeowner.
Rates from 47.9% where the guarantor is a tenant.

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Homeowners AND tenants welcome

Your guarantor can be a homeowner or a tenant

Your guarantor can own their own home (with or without a mortgage) or live in rented accomodation. If they are renting, they must be employed

Your guarantor can be
  • your mum or dad
  • a friend
  • a brother or sister
  • your partner or spouse
  • your children
  • a work colleague
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Bad credit history?

Poor credit, CCJ's & Defaults always considered

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It is a requirement for the Guarantor to have a good credit history, but for the borrower this is probably not an issue. We understand that many of our customers may have had problems in the past.

The only time we can't help is where you:
  • have recently been declared bankrupt
  • are currently in a Debt Management Plan (DMP), or
  • have entered into an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA)
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Any Purpose

Use your loan for virtually any purpose

You can borrow money for almost any purpose, such as
  • to buy a car
  • carry out home improvements
  • pay for wedding
  • car finance or repairs
  • cosmetic surgery
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What is a guarantor loan?

It's simply a way of borrowing the money you need with a little help from a friend or family member Your guarantor can be anyone who trusts you financially – a friend, partner, family member or colleague who simply acts as back up should you be unable to make your repayments.

Guarantors can be either homeowners or non-homeowners (tenants or renting) – we have a loan for everyone no matter what your circumstance.

We offer a variety of APRs from as low as 31.9% where the rate you get is tailored to you.

To see what rate you could get, try our   calculator


We want to make it easy for you to get a loan. All Guarantor Loans are through UK Credit - one of the most trusted Guarantor Lenders in the UK. Want to see proof? Check the TrustPilot ratings

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To make sure your repayments are affordable, an expert team will guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and to make the loan process as easy as possible. You will never be asked for any upfront fees. Rates from just 31.9% where your guarantor is a homeowner and 47.9% where the guarantor is a tenant

All applications considered

Once you've applied for a loan through our secure application, the team will help to get your loan paid out as quickly as possible. As well as considering loans for people with a poor credit history, we believe that you should be considered regardless of whether your guarantor owns their home or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

A guarantor loan is an unsecured personal loan, but if the monthly repayments are not made by the borrower they will need to be met by a third party – the 'guarantor'.
  • Your guarantor can be anyone. They are usually a friend, partner, colleague or relative.
  • They must have a fairly good credit history.
  • They must be aged between 21 and 70 at the start of the loan term.
  • They can be employed, self employed or retired.
No, the loan is unsecured – your home is not at risk.

We will consider a broad range of financial backgrounds and people with poor or limited credit history. However, we won't be able to help if

  • you're in an IVA
  • you're in a Debt Management Plan
  • you've recently been bankrupt

The unique nature of guarantor loans means that the guarantor protects the loan repayments if the borrower cannot make them, so we do require the guarantor to have a fairly good credit rating.

For our homeowner guarantor loan we conduct a soft credit search and use the borrowers credit score to determine what APR should be offered and to establish an understanding of their credit history.

We understand that life doesn't go to plan, so if you're the borrower and you find yourself struggling financially, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will work with you to resolve the situation.

If the loan falls into arrears and the borrower is unable to make up the shortfall we will inform the guarantor.

If neither party is able to make repayments, then we may consider legal action but only if we have exhausted all reasonable options.
No, absolutely not. Neither we nor the lender will charge you any upfront fees to apply for your loan, nor will any fees be added to your loan agreement.

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